• Helping SAP Localization Hub to design brand collaterals which enables legal compliance , tax updates, multi language support and many more services.

    SAP Labs

    Project Brief

    Design brand colaterals for SAP Localization Hub provides localization & language offerings as independently consumable solution in public cloud.

    SLH supports

    Multilanguage support | Code pages / Unicode | Time zones Multiple currencies | Local best business | Legal requirements and statutory | Reporting | Calendar and more micro services


    SAP Labs

    Target Audience

    Business Entrepreneurs wanting to expand


    Feb - Sep 2017

    Brand Identity

    The shape of a compass, its dial degree and the SAP logo shape is combined to depict localization and globalization. The center of the logo depicts the hub of SLH services from where the unit gets direction.

    SAP Labs

    Services Visual Representations

    SAP Labs

    Print Media

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    SAP Labs

    Animation Video Storyboarding

    SAP Labs

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